Crude Oil , Processes and Products

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Lack of professional literature in the field of crude oil processing inspired me to write this book. The book is primarily intended for the experts who work in petroleum industry, engineering companies that work on projects, oil industry and oil processing students, businessman who are in various ways involved in this field, as well as the others.

This book is result of author’s longtime work in oil industry, numerous contacts with the most eminent experts from the world’s largest oil companies (Chevron – Texaco, Shell, BP, Exxon – Mobile, Conoco– Philips, etc.), license holders of technology processes for oil processing (UOP, Axens), largest engineering companies (Technip, ABB Lummus Global, Koch – Glitsch, Fluor Daniel, Foster Wheeler, Lurghi, SK Engineering, etc.), as the biggest catalyst producers (Akzo Nobel, Criterion, Haldor Topsoe, etc.), author’s visits to numerous refineries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, as well as result of author’s passive and active involvement in various congresses and symposiums worldwide.

It is my hope that this book will contribute to better and easier understanding of subject matter, enable professionals in oil industry to review and improve their knowledge, be useful source of information for teachers who give lectures of the topics of oil processing, as well expend knowledge of students at colleges and universities and ease their entrance in the world of “ black gold”.

Author’s effort to justify such a broad goal of the book can be a cause for slight failures, thus the comments from respectable readers will help with the improvement of the next book’s edition.I express my gratitude to prof. dr. Igor Dekanić, dr. Stevo Kolundžić and dr. Željko Vrbanović for their review, given effort, and valuable suggestions that improved this book, as well as Petrolinvest Company – Sarajevo, that made possible this book to be published.

I especially express my gratitude to Nataša Vujisić-Dardagan for English translation of this book and Jasmina Pašalić for English translation emendation. The Special thanks to my friend Mirsad Kreso their efforts and encouragement during the writing of the book and the company Petrolinvest from Sarajevo headed by Mr.Čerimagić Mustafa, who made the publication of this book. Special gratitude to my wife Nada and son Igor for their encouragement, support, patience, and understanding during book’s writing. This book I dedicate to my grandson Roko!

Special gratitude to company  IBC Sarajevo book publisher, headed by  Mrs. Fatima Barucija and Mr. Dragan Tolomanoski  who graphic designed this book

Dr. sc. Emir Cerić

:: About the Author


Cerić was born in 1944. He graduated from Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, specializing in petroleum-petrochemicals. At the same technical faculty, University of Zagreb he obtained his master's degree in 1976, while his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering he obtained in 1979. He has been working for INA Refinery of Rijeka since 1968. He has got a rich experience working in industry, as a manager of various unit groups, start-up engineer at the units, as follows:

  • 1. Base oil hydro-treatment.

  • 2. Dewaxing & Deoiling
  • 3. C5/C6 isomerization process .
  • 4. Thermal hydro-dealkylation (Hydeal).
  • 5. Atmospheric Distillation.
  • 6. Visbreaking.
  • 7. HDS/MHC,

Chief engineer in Development Department, Director of Development and Research Department, Director of INA Refining division. He gave lectures from "Petroleum Technology" at Technological Faculty in 1981, and "Base Oil Technology" at Zagreb Business School in 1992. He is a member of Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants, Croatian National Committee of World Petroleum Congresses, and a regular member of Scientific Council for Petroleum of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. He provided a great number of elaborates and studies dealt with petroleum production. He is author of several development programs of INA Rijeka Refinery in period 1984-2010. and INA Refining division in period 2002-2010.He is the author of the books as stated below:

  • 1. "Tehnologija nafte" (Petroleum Technology), Školska knjiga Zagreb, 1984.
  • 2. "Tehnologija proizvodnje baznih ulja" (Technology for Producing Base Oils), INA Rafinerija Rijeka, 1994.
  • 3. "Crude Oil Assay", INA Industrija nafte, Zagreb, 2001.
  • 4. "Nafta, procesi i proizvodi" (Crude oil, Processes and Products), INA Industrija nafte & Kigen d.o.o Zagreb, 2006.
  • 5. "Crude oil, processes and products" , IBC & Petrolinvest Sarajevo, 2012.
  • 6.  "Nafta procesi i proizvodi", IBC, Sarajevo, 2012.

Over 40 of his scientific papers were published at home and abroad, as well as more than 10 units operating manuals for safe work. He took active role participating in over 30 congresses at home, but worldwide as well.

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